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Our Goals

    Our goals comprise the following :

  • Imparting disciplined, liberal and comprehensive education to boys and girls alike to enable them to achieve a very high standard of intellectual, physical and spiritual development This is in the background of the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of our nation, so that they may discharge their duties as upright citizens of our Sovereign, Democratic and Secular Republic.

  • Creating self sufficient and self reliant generations who can in turn lead our nation to prosperity and development.

  • To focus on moral and ethics by imparting value based education.

  • Enhancing values of tolerance, generosity and harmony in the upcoming generations so as to develop universal brother hood.

  • Creating social consciousness, dignity of labour and concern for the down-trodden in the minds of the pupils, so that they may become instruments of social changes.

  • Scaffolding the youngsters to help them realize their talents and potentials which enable them to scale heights of brilliant careers.

  • Channelizing their energy in positive and creative manners.

  • Giving encouragement to exceptionally brilliant students from educationally and financially backward sections through schemes of scholarship and endowments.