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Heads Of MDSHSS (1893-till Date)


His Grace Vattasseril Gheevarghese Mar Dionasios (1893--1901)

MDSHSS is very fortunate to have his grace as its first principal. during his tenure
Sri.Subramanya Iyer (1893--1894)
Sri. P V Philip Kochu Paret (1894--1895)
Sri. Thomas Varughese Kozhi Mannil (1895--1900)
Sri. G Alexander Master (1900--1901)

Served as headmasters of this school. Mar Dionasios Geevarghese was born in Vattaserill family at Mallapally on October 31, 1858. He was ordained deacon by H.H Peter III, the Patriarch of Antioch, on October 12, 1876 and priest by Mar Gregorios Gheevarghese of Parumala on January 18, 1880. He served the church as a Malpan (teacher) at Parumala Seminary and later at Old seminary. In 1903 the church elected him as the successor to the then Metropolitan of Malankara, Mar Dionasios Joseph II. He was consecrated bishop by the Synod of Antioch presided by Patriarch H.H Abdullah at Jerusalem May 31, 1908. Following the death of Mar Dionasios Joseph II in 1908, he became the Metropolitan of Malankara.

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He effected the Restoration of the office of Catholicos of East which existed in Persia. This was in September 15, 1912. Thus the Malankara Church became truly autocephalous and was able to regain the independence enjoyed by the church in early centuries. He was the chief architect of the Constitution of Malankara.

After fulfilling his mission he returned to heavenly abode on February 23, 1934. He was officially declared a saint by H.H Moran Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews II on February 23, 2003.

Sri.Subramanya Iyer


Sri. P V Philip Kochu Paret


Sri. Thomas Varughese Kozhi Mannil


Sri. G Alexander Master



Sri. K C Mammen Mappilai (1901--1909)

He served as Headmaster from 1901 to 1909. it is he who has made the Malayalam daily :Malayala Manorama to its current status.


Rev. Fr. P T Gheevarghese (His Grace Gheevarghese Mar Ivanios) (1909--1912)

Syro Malankara (Catholic) rites (popularly known as 'Reethu Sabha) was formed from the Jacobite-Orthodox church) by the bishop Mar Ivanios, who was known in the Orthodox church as 'Badhani Methran' in 1930. Majority of its members are from the Jacobite-Orthodox church. Its "Thaksa" is the same as the mother church and the MarThoma church.

In 1926 a Jacobite Episcopal Synod held at Parumala empowered Archbishop Mar Ivanios to enter into negotiations with Rome to effect a reunion with the Catholic Church under the expressed condition that the ancient and venerable tradition of the Malankara Church should be kept intact. The Holy Father Pope Pius XI graciously accepted the condition and welcomed the reunion.

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Accordingly on September 20, 1930 Archbishop Mar Ivanios, Bishop Mar Theophilos Fr. John O. I. C., Bro. Alexander (Fr. Seraphion O. I. C.) and Mr. Chacko Kilileth made their Professional of Faith and were duly received into the fold of the Catholic Church by His Excel. Rt. Rev. Dr. Benziger, Bishop of Quilon, specially deputed by the Holy See. The following day two Rembans, Rt. Rev. Joseph Pulikottil and Rt. Rev. Philipose Cheppad, made their Profession of Faith and were received into the Church.

In 1932 His Grace made his visit to Rome and His Holiness invested him with the Sacred Pallium. By the Apostolic Constitution, "Christo Pastorum Principi" (June 11, 1932) the Holy Father benignly established the Syro-Malankara Hierarchy, comprising the Archdiocese of Trivandrum and the Diocese of Thiruvilla.

On March 11, 1933 Archbishop Mar Ivanios dedicated his provisional Cathedral to the Mother of God and celebrated the solemn Holy Qurbana in the Cathedral on the following day assisted by Bishop Mar Theophilos and two Rembans. Mar Augustine Kandathil, the Archbishop of Ernakulam, was present on the occasion. The Apostolic Constitution was executed by Rt. Rev. Benziger, the special depute of the Apostolic Delegate.

Archbishop Mar Ivanios made the Profession of Faith before the August assembly of the Bishops of the three Rites, priests and laymen and amidst the acclamations of Oxios (a customary hymn for the occasion). His Grace was enthroned as Hierarchical Head.On July 15, 1953 His Grace Mar Ivanios passed away.

Sri. K V Chacko Kaiyyalath (1912--1919)

The school has conceptualized the expectations of its founder His Grace Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionasios II a visionary whose mission was the upliftment of the poor and down trodden through the medium of education.


Sri. V J Itticheria (1919--1943)

The buildings,ground were given to Baselius College were built during his tenure. During his time greats Olympian Abdul Salle, Col. Godavarma Raja studied here.


Sri. V G George (1943--1949)

He served as headmaster from 1943 to 1949.


Sri. K C John (1949--1958)

During his time school was elevated as higher secondary in 1958.


Sri. C U Mathew (1958--1973)

During his time school lost major land properties for the starting of Baselius college in1964 and the school was relocated to present location. he had endeavor many pains to revitalize the school to gain its lost glory.


Rev. Fr. M M Jacob (His Grace Yacoob Mar Polycarpos) (1973--1977)

His grace was also a former student of this school. he built Mar Augen Boarding Home Fr. M M Jacob was ordained as bishop His Grace Yacoob Mar Polycarpos on May15th 1978. After fulfilling his mission he returned to heavenly abode on 1987.


Smt. Annamma Idicheria (1977--1982)

Smt. Annamma Idicheria is the first lady Principal of this school, who took office in 1977 and continued till 1982. her husband is Ex-MLA Sri. E M George

During her tenure, students had won many outstanding awards and trophies, notable is two students winning medals in Southern India Science Fair conducted at Hydrabad in 1982.


Sri. K M Mathew Thiruvilla (1982--1985)

He started to give Rank Badges to Meritorious students in termly and annual examinations. He was elected to the Kerala University academic counsel during 1976--1980.


Sri K John Mathews Thumpamon (1985--1987)

He was named as "Mani Muthu" by His Holiness Moran Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews I Catholicos for his hard work he was instrumental in the extension work of " Itticheria Block".


Sri K M Mathew Vazhoor (1987--1988)

He served as headmaster from 1987 to 1988.during his time the school NCC unit was awarded for the best Ceremonial Parade trophy.


Sri. K C Chacko (1988--1989)

He served as headmaster from 1988 to 1989.


Sri K C Thomas Chiranchira (1989--1990)

During his time Master John A Kongalath came 9th place in SSLC examination 1990.


Sri. K K Abraham Puthenkavu (1990--1994)

He served as headmaster from 1990 to 1994. During his time the construction of centenary block was started and completed which now addresses as High School section and the Auditorium.


Sri. C A Baby (1994--1995)

He served as headmaster from 1994 to 1995.


Sri. P G Philip (1995--1996)

He served as headmaster from 1995 to 1996.


Sri. K O Varghese (1996--1999)

During his tenure higher secondary section was started. He was dearly known as "Pasha Sir" among his teachers.


Sri V John Kurien (1999--2000)

He served as principal from 1999 to 2000.


Smt. Marius Sleeba (2000--2001)

She was the second lady Head. she worked as principal from 2000 to 2001. During her time the plan for the higher secondary block was finalised.


Sri. C K Mathai (2001-- 2005 )

Our former head master took charge as the principal of MDSHSS in the year 2001. He was a visionary and an excellent administrator who could guide the school through the formative periods of the Higher Secondary Section. The school attained the present infrastructure during his tenure thanks to his foresighted efforts and perseverance.

He was instrumental to start the construction work of Higher Secondary Block that is completed on 2005. The classes and the labs have shifted to new block. He also started a store so that students and the staff could buy consumables at low prices.

Sri. P. S Jacob (Jacob Kuttiyil) (H M 2005-06, Head Master 2006-2007)

Our former head master and principal, was a spirited personality who exuded confidence in every enterprise he has undertaken. Energetic, pleasing and a humanitarian to the core he could perceive the need of the time. ‘Snehabhavanam’ – ‘Home for the Homeless’ project, was his brainchild. His Endeavour has yielded fruits, won accolades from all walks of life and the school is now on the path of completing the eighth house, thanks to the benevolence of God Almighty.


Rev.Fr. V A Mathew(H M 2009-2010)


Sri. K Philip Varghese(H.M 2010-till date)

Our head master assumed charge as Head master of MDSHSS in 2010. The school was able to come up with great success stories in both curricular and extra curricular activities with Philip sir at its helm. We achieved exemplary results in March 2013 with 99% in 10th class.


Sri Reji Abraham(Principal 2006-till date)

Our principal Assumed charge as principal of MDSHSS in April 2006. Right from induction to the post, he has envisaged the comprehensive development of the school. He has focused attention on moulding a well disciplined and value based student community. He took initiative to retain and nurture NCC and NSS Units in the school which in turn could invite goodwill to the institution from various quarters.

In 2009, he, together with the Head Master Sri. P. S Jacob envisioned a dream project ‘Sneha Bhavanam’ to build houses for the homeless students of our school. This project has completed building 7 houses till date and the eighth one is on the anvil.

Over the years, the school was able to come up with great success stories in both curricular and extra curricular activities with Reji sir at its helm. We achieved exemplary results in HSE March 2012 Examination with two of our students scoring 1200/1200 marks and a first year student scored 600/600 marks. Our principal took initiative to renovate the school auditorium. The library was computerized and a new voice response system was provided in all class rooms.

We were able to win the 1st place in Sub District youth Festival for the last three consecutive years with the whole hearted leadership of the Principal. Spiritual guidance has been meted out to younger generations through organizations like MGOCSM.

On the personal front, our principal Mr. Reji Abraham has bagged 1st place in teaching Aid competition in District Mathematics Fair in 2010. A dedicated mathematics teacher who can work miracles in his class rooms, a good friend and guide who can instill confidence in his students and a role model to his staff, he is meticulous in his duties as the principal.