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Mar Dionysius Seminary Higher Secondary School, Kottayam stands as a luminous figure amongst the educational institutions of Kerala. Disseminating the light of wisdom and knowledge to generations spanning nearly a century and a score this reputed institution shines as a gem in the heart of kottayam the land of letters. Solemnity committee to the goal of education, M.D.S.HSS is the pride of the Corporate Management of the Catholicate & M.D. Schools

The school has conceptualized the expectations of its founder His Grace Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionasios II a visionary whose mission was the upliftment of the poor and down trodden through the medium of education.

Aided by the Gov. of Kerala, the school promotes learner centered, activity based and process oriented pedagogy with continuous evaluation (Through Grading System).

With erudite and facsighold managers at the helm under the judicious and enthusiastic captaincy of the principals and headmasters at the frow, the school strives forth with the dedicated efforts of competent teachers keeping on far with the modern trends in science and technology the infrastructure and environment of this institution bestow a peaceful and congenial ambiance to the budding talents.

We uphold high moral values, impose strict discipline and stick to the ideals of honesty, integrity and righteousness. Exuding confidence, our alumni spread far and wide perpetuating the glory of this institution. We vow to remain dedicated to our mission guided by our predecessors, inspired by our elite contemporaries and motivated by our future promises.